For Live Streaming

Reduce live video streaming bandwidth costs of cdn by ~99%, reducing latency & rebuffering for users

For OTTs

Offload ~90% bandwidth using Vadootv for viral content & deliver to Tier 2, Tier 3 cities & villages (areas with poor coverage) with less latency

For Edutech & other Platforms

Infinitely Scalable Video infrastructure with less rebuffering and wider penetration

Vadootv p2p cdn video streaming

Reduce cdn bandwidth consumption by ~99%

Use Vadootv's hybdrid p2p cdn streaming technology to scale & deliver high quality videos

Deliver Better Quality

Deliver Video content at Highest Bit rate

Save Bandwidth cost

Reduce cdn bandwidth cost by ~50%.

No Geo Contraints

Deliver videos to areas with poor coverage.

Infinitely Scalable

Vadootv solution gets better with more users added.

Security & Privacy

End to end encryption of data.

Hassle free Integration

Connect with your existing platform with few lines of code.