Frequently asked question

The main formats Peervadoo supports:
HLS - .m3u8 manifest file.
DASH - .mpd manifest file.
Other video formats such as .mp4 are supported as well
In order to create an HLS/DASH stream you need to convert your rtmp or mp4 video file to right fromat. You can use services like: akamai,wowza streaming cloud, AWS or FFmpeg
Peervadoo is integrated with a broadcaster’s existing video solution by integrating a Javascript file on the web page with the video player code. This client side sdk creates a hybrid switcher which allows every user consuming the content in distributing the content with other peers watching the stream concurrently thereby bringing the edge closer to you. Our intelligent AI algorithm identifies the right set of peers based on location, network condition, bandwidth consumption and various other features. The user experience will be significantly improved due to the fact that the content is being served from your neighboring house than from a CDN data-center present at a remote location.
You can disable our service from the dashboard.
Peervadoo currently supports HLS and MPEG Dash streaming protocols. We also support JW Player, Video.js, Shaka, Dplayer, MediaElement js , Flow, Kaltura, Brightcove, Theo, and Clappr players.
Yes. Mobile devices can use the service.
Peervadoo uses the WebRTC data channel to transfer data between users. The data channel is secured using SCTP protocols and TLS encryption. Communication with the Peervadoo backend is done via secure WebSocket, which also uses encryption. Peervadoo is DRM and stream encryption agnostic since the segments sent between users are the same as the segments that users receive from the edge server.
Yes. Peervadoo works with DRM.
Our sdk is a very effective system and is able to manage scalability by 6x with the current infrastructure, we can reduce instances of rebuffering by roughly upto 40%. Our algo matches users based on various factors such user location, ISP & bandwidth etc., and makes the optimum decision to deliver ultra low latency videos.
No. Peervadoo can never deteriorate user experience as decision to pair users is done during forward caching of videos.
Data is secured using end-to-end encryption that is compliant with Google, Mozilla and IETF standards.
No. There are absolutely no plugins or add-ons necessary for a viewer to watch streams powered by Peervadoo. The entire viewing experience is completely seamless to the user.
If a user doesn't have WebRTC, the user will fallback to normal HTTP/HTTPs based usage.
No. Peervadoo can never deteriorate user experience as decision to pair users is done during forward caching of videos.